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Sierra Nevada Granada in the Summer

By on September 3, 2018
sierra nevada in the sumer granada, verano en sierra nevada

Crispy cool air with a mountain view. Calm, relaxing, and an enjoyable place. This is Sierra Nevada Granada in the summer – a wonderful get away for those like us that want to escape the heat and humidity of southern  spain’s summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach! The sand on my toes, the sea, the breeze… but… and this is a big BUT… living in a place where there is no central air and the humidity percentage  is very high, making the actual temperature feel much hotter, drives me crazy! Sure, when we are at the beach it feels wonderful but since we have responsibilities and can’t do them in our swimsuits (sad face here) it drives us to look for a refuge from the hottest time of the summer. 

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Exploring Nerja and Gibratar

By on May 21, 2018

I can’t believe it has been almost a year already since we’ve moved to Spain. It feels like yesterday and yet it feels we’ve been here forever. 

We are finally settled down and have been pretty busy. We spend our time between taking care of our kids and helping our local church. It has been a wonderful experience and the more we do it the more we are certain of our calling to be here. Sure we went through an adaptation period with its challenges but nothing that distracted us from the fulfillment we have as a family to be loving and serving the people God brings in our lives. It’s been pretty awesome. But as much as we love it from time to time we like to have a little get away for our family. We know that we need this time to make sure we are all connected, to recharge ours batteries, and to enjoy fun quality time with our kiddos. 

So the other day we went to Andalucía. We stopped in a beautiful town called Nerja. Boy, this town is breathtaking I told Keith we sure need to spend a weekend there. Look at the view. 

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Moving Overseas With Kids Is Hard But Having a Family Church Makes All the Difference

By on April 15, 2017
moving overseas with kids

Moving is not easy. Moving overseas with kids is even harder. I’ve been so overwhelmed with so many things we still need to do in order to get it all ready to go. It has been a crazy time for us here. But as much as I am tired and can’t wait to be done with it,  I got to say I am beyond thankful for my family church. All the help –  coming to clean our house, buying our things, letting us take the left overs from our family group so we don’t have to cook the next day, offering to stay with our kids, offering to help deep cleaning our house once every thing is packed and ready… seriously, I am not exaggerating. This is what church is all about. Serving and loving one another.

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Family Moving Overseas – Spain Here We Come

By on April 6, 2017
family moving overseas

One day I was at IKEA to buy a wardrobe for our bedroom. I had chosen the perfect one that could fit and that was functional and cute. The price was good too. I was very happy with my choice. If you’ve been to IKEA before and are like me you will go over the whole show room floor before going down to their warehouse to gather your furniture. So this time was no different. I spent hours looking, measuring, comparing, writing down the codes, and the Swedish names… then with my kids and my cousin I went down on a mission to find my perfect piece of furniture. Of course I had to go over all the decor sections before getting to the actual aisle where my wardrobe was. When I finally got there and went down to drag the heavy piece onto my cart I froze. I couldn’t move. Something inside of me didn’t let me move. It didn’t let me move that furniture to the cashier to pay for it and take it home. There was a voice so strong that I left empty handed and was in shock as I texted my dear husband who at that time was on a work trip in Belgium: I am at IKEA to buy the wardrobe we need and I can’t do it! I feel like we’re going to move again and it’ll be just a waist of money.  My husband was not sure what to say since we had just moved to Atlanta. And he just got a new job. So moving wasn’t in our plans. But…

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