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Exploring Nerja and Gibratar

By on May 21, 2018

I can’t believe it has been almost a year already since we’ve moved to Spain. It feels like yesterday and yet it feels we’ve been here forever. 

We are finally settled down and have been pretty busy. We spend our time between taking care of our kids and helping our local church. It has been a wonderful experience and the more we do it the more we are certain of our calling to be here. Sure we went through an adaptation period with its challenges but nothing that distracted us from the fulfillment we have as a family to be loving and serving the people God brings in our lives. It’s been pretty awesome. But as much as we love it from time to time we like to have a little get away for our family. We know that we need this time to make sure we are all connected, to recharge ours batteries, and to enjoy fun quality time with our kiddos. 

So the other day we went to Andalucía. We stopped in a beautiful town called Nerja. Boy, this town is breathtaking I told Keith we sure need to spend a weekend there. Look at the view. 

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Returning to Aguilas and Yes Vida Update

By on July 5, 2017
Returning to Aguilar

YES VIDA Update 
A belated Happy 4th of July to all of you back home! We have been back in Spain now for five weeks. During this time a lot has happened: We searched for and found a house! A lovely four bedroom apartment two blocks from the beach with a view of the sea, the castle, and the mountains. We have also reconnected with our church family here in Aguilas, and we have been busy catching up with them. We have been received very well here and have been invited in many homes to eat some amazing home cooked Spanish food! The rest of the time has been spent getting our house set in order. It is not perfect yet but it is getting there. In fact today we had our first house guests over for an afternoon lunch.
In addition to the fact that we have been quite busy we have not had a consistent internet connection until recently. Thus we have not been updating our blog posts. Now that we have internet and things have settled down a bit we are going to restart our efforts on the blog. In any case here is a post I wrote about the day we drove from Madrid down to Aguilas. Hope you enjoy it!

Returning to Aguilas – May 31st 2017
As we drove in the car from Madrid to Aguilas, I reflected on the day we left Aguilas in 2013. It was a bright sunny day almost exactly four years before. We were sad that day and there was no joy in the car as we saw the city disappear in the background. A few hours later when we boarded the plane to leave Spain Nicholas was crying hard, and even though he was only three years old he seemed to understand the importance of the moment. The three of us left Spain with heavy hearts. We had established a strong connection with the people of Aguilas but we had to go home.

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Why I Am Leaving Corporate Life to Pursue My Calling

By on April 21, 2017
leaving corporate life

“Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I read these words in the bible a while back and they seemed to jump right off of the page to me. I had read this verse many times before, but why did it seem this time it had more significance? Maybe after having turned the big “4” – “0” not so long ago my perspective on time subtly changed. Or maybe God just wanted me to step back and look at the big picture in a different way. All I know is that after I read that verse I started to analyze my life’s trajectory and that analysis brought me to some interesting conclusions. I have had a very successful professional career over the last twenty years. In fact as a working life goes I am more or less at the halfway point. I could continue the corporate path for another twenty years. I would probably get promoted another time or two and make a nice income. At the end of that time I would be able to retire well and then sit back and relax. And yet if I continue on the path that I have been on and dedicate more time to the corporate life how fulfilled will I be in the end? More importantly would I retire having felt that I had fulfilled the calling in my life?

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