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Family Moving Overseas – Spain Here We Come

By on April 6, 2017
family moving overseas

One day I was at IKEA to buy a wardrobe for our bedroom. I had chosen the perfect one that could fit and that was functional and cute. The price was good too. I was very happy with my choice. If you’ve been to IKEA before and are like me you will go over the whole show room floor before going down to their warehouse to gather your furniture. So this time was no different. I spent hours looking, measuring, comparing, writing down the codes, and the Swedish names… then with my kids and my cousin I went down on a mission to find my perfect piece of furniture. Of course I had to go over all the decor sections before getting to the actual aisle where my wardrobe was. When I finally got there and went down to drag the heavy piece onto my cart I froze. I couldn’t move. Something inside of me didn’t let me move. It didn’t let me move that furniture to the cashier to pay for it and take it home. There was a voice so strong that I left empty handed and was in shock as I texted my dear husband who at that time was on a work trip in Belgium: I am at IKEA to buy the wardrobe we need and I can’t do it! I feel like we’re going to move again and it’ll be just a waist of money.┬áMy husband was not sure what to say since we had just moved to Atlanta. And he just got a new job. So moving wasn’t in our plans. But…

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