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Returning to Aguilas and Yes Vida Update

July 5, 2017
Returning to Aguilar

YES VIDA Update 
A belated Happy 4th of July to all of you back home! We have been back in Spain now for five weeks. During this time a lot has happened: We searched for and found a house! A lovely four bedroom apartment two blocks from the beach with a view of the sea, the castle, and the mountains. We have also reconnected with our church family here in Aguilas, and we have been busy catching up with them. We have been received very well here and have been invited in many homes to eat some amazing home cooked Spanish food! The rest of the time has been spent getting our house set in order. It is not perfect yet but it is getting there. In fact today we had our first house guests over for an afternoon lunch.
In addition to the fact that we have been quite busy we have not had a consistent internet connection until recently. Thus we have not been updating our blog posts. Now that we have internet and things have settled down a bit we are going to restart our efforts on the blog. In any case here is a post I wrote about the day we drove from Madrid down to Aguilas. Hope you enjoy it!

Returning to Aguilas – May 31st 2017
As we drove in the car from Madrid to Aguilas, I reflected on the day we left Aguilas in 2013. It was a bright sunny day almost exactly four years before. We were sad that day and there was no joy in the car as we saw the city disappear in the background. A few hours later when we boarded the plane to leave Spain Nicholas was crying hard, and even though he was only three years old he seemed to understand the importance of the moment. The three of us left Spain with heavy hearts. We had established a strong connection with the people of Aguilas but we had to go home.On the day we returned the weather was the same only this time there was Joy in the car! Our daughter Joy who was born after we returned to the U.S. from our first time in Spain was in the back seat and there were now four of us in our family. We were happy and there was a sense of expectation. We were realizing a dream that we had talked about so much, one that seemed so far away and unrealistic, but that had in the end fallen completely into place.
As we were driving along and about four hours into the five hour drive, I noticed that the rest of the family was asleep. Taking advantage of the quiet moment – I began to reflect on the four previous years and the things we had learned as a family during that time. It occurred to me that there were two clear themes: 1. Identity in Christ and 2. Discovering Purpose. I realized that the things we had learned in those two areas had prepared us for the moment that we were now living. In fact, even though our initial departure from Aguilas had been painful, it was necessary for us to spend time learning about these things before we could come back.
The concept of our identity in Christ is so simple and yet so important. Who we are in Him is what counts – not what we do, or how others around us may view who we are based on what we do. Some have raised eyebrows after hearing that I left my position as a Plant Manager. And yet for me that is not such a big deal because the title that I carried in the corporate life never defined who I was. This is a concept I have always believed but in recent years I have gone deeper in my understanding of this. It is a challenge to all of us whether in corporate life,
ministry, or whatever vocation. May it always be that who we are is rooted in Him and not what we do with our time.
It is also so important to discover God’s purpose for our lives. I treasure every moment that I worked in the corporate world as I learned so much during those years. Yet I came to the realization in recent times that I needed to pursue God’s purposes for my life more aggressively. This was a fundamental learning over the last four years. It is also another challenge to all of us. God has a plan for us and it is so important to go after that plan. Any feelings that we may have that there is something more is a sign that we need to go deeper in our pursuit of all that God has for us and wants to do with and through us.
Soon after having these reflections the rest of the family woke up. Driving in on the same road that we had left on four years ago Aguilas appeared on the horizon. There was Joy in the car and joy in our hearts. Although we don’t know what the future will bring we are sure of our identity and pursuing our purpose. God is with us – we are sure of that. Our church community greeted us with open arms and we were so happy to see them again. We are back in Aguilas and excited about what is to come!

  1. I related to so much to you post. I am so glad that I read it and and amazed to see that the question of identity that you wrestled with and shared about is the one that I am not looking at. Wow! I love seeing that what you did for those years did not define who you are. Inspiring to see that through that knowledge God has led your family back. “May it always be that who we are is rooted in him and not what we do with our time”.

  2. “There was Joy in the car and joy in our hearts.” Loved that line! And it’s awesome how God has brought such joy into your lives back in Spain again. There’s also joy in the journey–which obviously God has given you bunches of–and the joy of the Lord that gives us strength (one of my favorite verses, Neh. 8:10 :-). Loved this post, Keith, well written with two very important themes. Thanks for sharing some of your journey here for us to read about…

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