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Moving Overseas With Kids Is Hard But Having a Family Church Makes All the Difference

April 15, 2017
moving overseas with kids

Moving is not easy. Moving overseas with kids is even harder. I’ve been so overwhelmed with so many things we still need to do in order to get it all ready to go. It has been a crazy time for us here. But as much as I am tired and can’t wait to be done with it,  I got to say I am beyond thankful for my family church. All the help –  coming to clean our house, buying our things, letting us take the left overs from our family group so we don’t have to cook the next day, offering to stay with our kids, offering to help deep cleaning our house once every thing is packed and ready… seriously, I am not exaggerating. This is what church is all about. Serving and loving one another.

God knows the desires of our hearts. He knows that we are much stronger with our brothers and sisters supporting us to follow our calling. Though moving overseas with kids is still hard it gets a little easier with them. Life is to be sharable. We were created to live in community, sharing life, serving and growing together. As the days pass by and we get closer to say good -bye, I think about how blessed we are for the time we’ve  spent here in Atlanta. Specials moments that not only we will cherish but they’ve equiped us to embark in our mission.

So I challenge you to find your own community if you don’t have one. A community that will clean your toilets if you need it with all the joy in their hearts. Find them. Cherish them. Care for them. And the only way to really connect with them is when you all share the same purpose in life. For us, we live to express God’s kingdom on earth. We’ve decided to be a tool of love in his hands. So serving each other, though sometimes not so pleasurable, is just an expression of who we are in Christ, and that brings us such a great joy that it’s hard to explain until you’ve tasted it.

Moving abroad is hard. With kids harder. But having a community behind you will make all the difference.

And here is a video I made for our church. I wanted to capture who we really are. Not just another church, but a family. If you live in Atlanta metro area, come visit the Vine Atlanta. We will have our first English service on Saturday, April 22th. And a big celebration for Easter. Come join us and be part of this beautiful family!


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