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Why I Am Leaving Corporate Life to Pursue My Calling

April 21, 2017
leaving corporate life

“Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I read these words in the bible a while back and they seemed to jump right off of the page to me. I had read this verse many times before, but why did it seem this time it had more significance? Maybe after having turned the big “4” – “0” not so long ago my perspective on time subtly changed. Or maybe God just wanted me to step back and look at the big picture in a different way. All I know is that after I read that verse I started to analyze my life’s trajectory and that analysis brought me to some interesting conclusions. I have had a very successful professional career over the last twenty years. In fact as a working life goes I am more or less at the halfway point. I could continue the corporate path for another twenty years. I would probably get promoted another time or two and make a nice income. At the end of that time I would be able to retire well and then sit back and relax. And yet if I continue on the path that I have been on and dedicate more time to the corporate life how fulfilled will I be in the end? More importantly would I retire having felt that I had fulfilled the calling in my life?

Now let me be perfectly clear. I have always found my career fulfilling and stimulating. I don’t regret the time that I have worked in the corporate world. Especially working as a plant manager at four different factories I have learned a lot and matured immensly. However as I have looked forward at the path in front of me I get concerned. Why? Because it is the same. I know what it is because it is the path I have traveled. When I visualize that path continuing I have to be honest with myself as I recognize something very clear. If I continue to the end like this – I will regret it. And that’s what brings me back to the verse I read. So much of the time many of us are guilty of living life as if our time on earth is unlimited, as if some day in the future we will do the things we really want to do and see our dreams fulfilled….. some day. I certainly have been guilty of that. But the verse speaks to me about re-orienting life’s priorities to ensure that the things we really want to do and the impact we want to make happens sooner as opposed to later. In the end we don’t really know how much time we have. So if we have things in our heart that we want to do…..why wouldn’t we do them now?

When we were in Spain the first time I worked a lot and traveled a good bit. It didn’t leave me with alot of free time to serve at our church. And yet when I did serve I felt so fulfilled and empowered that I wanted more. Due to business conditions my work assignment there ended rather abruptly in 2013. Yet the connection between the church and our family did not. In fact a funny thing happened. As we were preparing to leave to return to the U.S. people kept talking about the possibility of us coming back to Spain. This planted a seed in our hearts that began to grow over the next four years. The growth of that seed was watered and nourished by many events, spoken words, and other signs especially in the last year. Through this experience an alternative life path emerged separate from the corporate one that I have been on. Yes….. We could go BACK.

And in a few weeks we will.

Certainly there are a lot of questions about this move that can be asked. Some have answers and many do not. But when we told our pastor here in Atlanta of our intention to move back to Spain not only did he encourage us to do it but he called our attention to one question that we won’t have to ask after we make this move: “What if we would have?”……. That is a question that would have burned in our hearts without an answer if we continued on the path we are on. It is a question whose answer we will pursue and we will find. In the days ahead we will trade the path that we know for one that is unknown. We will give up a predictable life in the interest of living a life without regrets. In the end I think that is really what that verse spoke to me about the most. If God has placed something in your heart that you would like to do. What is stopping you from taking a step to just do it? Why wait? Why not do it now?

“Teach us to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

So yes we are going back to Spain!


  1. Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!! Have I ever seen you delight yourself in the Lord and work hard and faithfully at all He has put in front of you over the years!!! I’ve seen both your hearts and desires become completely His!! You are following your heart, making steps of faith, staying obedient to what He is saying. You have expanded His Kingdom in a number ways as you have worked corporately (blessed many – including us) and now you will just keep expanding His Kingdom in new ways back in Spain. Thank you for being a model and blessing to so many of us of what it means to take up the cross and follow Jesus in every way! May you dream and desire even bigger and experience all the blessings and promises available to you in Isaiah 61. Together I pray we see a movement of God like never before if His Spirit in Spain! Dios os bendiga! Un abrazo fuerte de tu hermano y amigo. Deric

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