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Family Moving Overseas – Spain Here We Come

April 6, 2017
family moving overseas

One day I was at IKEA to buy a wardrobe for our bedroom. I had chosen the perfect one that could fit and that was functional and cute. The price was good too. I was very happy with my choice. If you’ve been to IKEA before and are like me you will go over the whole show room floor before going down to their warehouse to gather your furniture. So this time was no different. I spent hours looking, measuring, comparing, writing down the codes, and the Swedish names… then with my kids and my cousin I went down on a mission to find my perfect piece of furniture. Of course I had to go over all the decor sections before getting to the actual aisle where my wardrobe was. When I finally got there and went down to drag the heavy piece onto my cart I froze. I couldn’t move. Something inside of me didn’t let me move. It didn’t let me move that furniture to the cashier to pay for it and take it home. There was a voice so strong that I left empty handed and was in shock as I texted my dear husband who at that time was on a work trip in Belgium: I am at IKEA to buy the wardrobe we need and I can’t do it! I feel like we’re going to move again and it’ll be just a waist of money. My husband was not sure what to say since we had just moved to Atlanta. And he just got a new job. So moving wasn’t in our plans. But…

Almost 2 years have passed since the Ikea episode and in May we will be a family moving overseas to Spain! The voice all along was the Holy Spirit preparing us for this. We weren’t planing to move. We were actually quite happy with what’ve got here. But the voice was getting stronger and stronger, louder and louder, and our heart started changing. The voice started becoming clear. And the more we stoped to listen to it the more we started understanding our calling. So one day after many directions from God through prophecies, words, dreams, and prayers, we decided it was about time to take the courage to step out of our comfortable boat and walk on waters. We decided to go back to Spain.

Wow, Spain huh? I hear it’s a beautiful country. So are you going for work? No, Keith is actually leaving his wonderful secure job so we can go on a non profit visa which it doesn’t allow us to work. Wow. (And then add the you are crazy face). But how? Why? And many other questions that we even don’t know the answers yet.

So this blog is to share our journey: A family moving overseas, taking a step of faith to obey God’s calling. It’s about people that are just following what is deep inside their hearts, their calling, their passions. Here we will have glimpses of our lives as missionaries, as expats, as tent makers, as parents, as dreamers, as servants, as people living the in the moment, a simple life, traveling, food, and so much more. We will try to be as open as we can and share our journey, our victories, our weaknesses, and our needs.

So stay tune for more posts, as we want to share the process we went through in order to get to where we are and what are our future plans.

Say yes to your life calling! Say yes to vida!


And here is a little video from our recently trip to Spain:

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  1. Suzan, I am so excited for your family! It’s so incredible that you guys are taking this huge leap of faith. I know God will do wonderful things through your obedience. Thank you for letting us come along on your adventure!

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